© ClicknJoyArt 123RF
© ClicknJoyArt 123RF

Each object requires several hours of cooking and different levels with respect to temperature (about 1200 degrees).

To become a solid all clay objects require two firings the first: the cookie, then after choosing one of several techniques: glaçiure, enamels finally comes the second firing.

Use of Raku for small parts to cook.

 pigments and dyes:

metal oxides commonly used in our artwork:

Antimony: yellow

Chrome: deep green

Cobalt: black and blue

Copper: pink, red "ox blood" or "liver ane"

iron range of yellow ocher, gold and honey, black

manganese brown or black, purple

nickel: brown or gray green, yellow enamel in the zinc

contrast media: pure white, milky, pale brown,

Vanadium: yellow and orange

© ClicknJoyArt 123RF
© ClicknJoyArt 123RF
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